Honoring John Abercrombie: Jeff Jenkins, Paul Romaine & Mike Abbott | Saturdays

Nov 22, 2017

John Abercrombie
Credit nocturnejazz.com

Jeff Jenkins, Mike Abbott and Paul Romaine are thrilled to be paying tribute to the great jazz guitarist and composer John Abercrombie. Stemming from personal and professional relationships with John, this trio brings the intimate sound of John's compositions to light. This organ trio will serve as a platform for his voice to continue to be heard, and to continue to breathe into the future.

Abercrombie, who sadly passed this year, was always at the vanguard of the development of new sounds, new ways to play in a group, and new ways to treat the guitar. In the midst of all of this "new", came a deeply routed sense of tradition  and a nod to what came before him. John's lifelong relationship with ECM Records truly established the label as a sanctuary for fresh sound. From his ground shaking "Timeless" recording in 1974, all the way through  2017, with his release "Up and Coming", John was the face and the sound of the success of the label!

His passions and influences were varied and wide. From Jim Hall to Chuck Berry, and Bill Evans to Miles Davis, his assimilation of all the music which he loved was realized into a new sound which was uniquely his.  The trio hopes to give the audience a sense of the space, beauty and grit which made John the favorite guitarist of the likes of Michael Brecker, Richie Beirach, Jack DeJohnette, Dave Holland, Kenny Wheeler and many more.

Nocturne Jazz & Supper Club presents
Honoring John Abercrombie: Jeff Jenkins, Paul Romaine & Mike Abbott
Saturdays thru November
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