Ginga presents "Brazil Night: A Musical Tour" | July 21

Jul 16, 2017

Based in Boulder, CO, Ginga specializes in playing traditional music of Brazil. The common thread that connects us with our fans, our community, and each other is an intense love and passion for Brazilian music. The band has spent nearly 15 years bringing to life the spirited sense of community and the alegria inherent in the best Brazilian music. Through years of playing and studying many Brazilian styles (including samba, forró, MPB, bossa nova, chorinho, and Brazilian jazz), Ginga has evolved into one of the most versatile and exciting bands in the region. Their debut CD features a snapshot of the band's unique sound and repertoire.

Francisco Marques, lead vocals, cavaquinho, guitar, percussion
Greg LaLiberte, flute, saxophones, percussion, vocals
Bill Kopper, 6-string bass, 7-string guitar
Victor Mestas, piano, keyboards
Vincent Gonzales, percussion, vocals
Raoul Rossiter, drums, percussion, vocals

Dazzle presents
Ginga presents "Brazil Night: A Musical Tour"
Friday, July 21 - 6:30 & 9pm
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