"follow the North Star to Canada"

Feb 16, 2014

Airing Thursday, February 20 at 9pm on Rocky Mountain PBS, this program tells the story of William Still, one of the most important yet unheralded individuals of the Underground Railroad. The film details the accounts of black abolitionists, who had everything at stake as they helped fugitives follow the North Star to Canada. 

William Still was just a boy when he helped the first one escape.  He never knew the man's name; only that he was being hunted by slave catchers.
But in the years ahead, there would be many hundreds more.  And Still vowed their stories would never be forgotten.

"The heroism and desperate struggle that many of our people had to endure should be kept green in the memory of this and coming generations."
And he kept his promise.  His diaries tell the stories of the great slave exodus known as the Underground Railroad.

See more about "Underground Railroad: The William Still Story" here. Watch it on Thursday, February 20 at 9pm on Rocky Mountain PBS.