Encrucijada/Crossroads: Finding Affordable Health Insurance

Mar 21, 2014

Airing statewide in March on Rocky Mountain PBS and VMe, Crossroads and Encrucijada are two locally produced telenovelas that document Latino families in Colorado trying to navigate the health insurance marketplace. Crossroads explores a daughter’s struggle with the effects of chronic disease on her uninsured mother, and the financial impact on her family and her future. Crossroads shows hard working people overcoming the barriers of a complex health insurance marketplace, and finding the peace of mind that comes from having affordable, quality health insurance.

Encrucijada explores, in Spanish, the difficulties of one family without health insurance, the unique fears of families who are of “mixed eligibility” status for enrollment in health insurance, and the personal and financial impacts that arise. Encrucijada allows us to see the frustrations of a family attempting to find the stability and peace of mind that comes from having affordable, quality health insurance.

In Colorado, we can shop for health insurance on our statewide health insurance marketplace, Connect for Health Colorado. Individuals, families and businesses can shop online, over the phone, or in-person with a certified health coverage guide. People who shop at Connect for Health Colorado are eligible to receive exclusive savings to help make their health insurance more affordable.

For questions about how to enroll in health insurance, or about what the new health care law means to you, contact the Coalition for Culturally Appropriate Response and Enrollment Services (CCARES). CCARES is certified by Connect for Health Colorado, and can assist you in person, and for free, in English and Spanish. For an appointment, call 303.953.5940 (English) or 888.747.2583 (Español).