Drew's Blues & Jazz Boogaloos | Sep 16

Sep 14, 2017

Drew Morell

You'll feel like you've walked into a filming of "Mad Men" as Drew Morell hosts a throw-back series that celebrates the hard-grooving sound of the jazz boogaloo from the 1960s. Songs like Ramsey Lewis's "The In Crowd" that introduced a hip, groove-oriented music blending blues, latin, and jazz that would inspire the birth of a genre that Wes Montgomery, Cannonball Adderly and Stanley Turrentine all took part in.  

Drew's group is performing this compelling music on Saturday, September 16 at 7pm with a number of featured guests including Derek Banach (Trumpet), Byron Hamer (Sax), Andrew Vogt (Woodwinds), Paul Musso (Guitar), Seth Lewis (Bass), Bill Larson (Drums), Peter Huffaker (Bass) and Mike Marlier (Drums).

Nocturne Jazz & Supper Club - Supporting the musicians practicing their craft on our stage is important to us - we have an artist fee that ranges from $5 to $10 per person per night (for Artists in Residence) that is applied to all guest checks at the conclusion of an evening. This artist fee goes directly fund all the live music heard at Nocturne.