Dr. Greer's book review: Average is Over

Jul 15, 2014

Tyler Cowen, who wrote the national best-selling book The Great Stagnation, has penned a somewhat less appealing sequel Average is Over - Powering America Beyond the Age of the Great Stagnation.

This new book argues that over the past 250 years America has, in effect, picked off all the easy trimmings in a land filled with abundant natural resources, largely by virtue of technical advances and a massive push for education.  In doing so, Cowen claims, that, although we thought as a nation that the good times would never end, all the low hanging fruit has been picked.  Cowen therefore suggests that we had better step up to the plate and define our future or we will be left to the grist mill of history, an afterthought of a society that assumed it was richer than it actually was.  

(Listen to the audio above for the full review.)