Denver's Tequila Library

Feb 19, 2014

Enjoy this radio tour of a relatively new establishment  over on Little Raven near the South Platte River, right next door to the popular eatery Zengo.  Our tour guide is  Jason Hayes, bar manager  at La Biblioteca de Tequila (the library of tequila).  General manager Kelly Berger also appears in this radio tour.

This reporter started pretty much at the beginning, knowing nothing (or not wanting to remember what he learned in college) about tequila.  An important fact: authentic tequila comes from the agave plant grown only  in the Jalisco region of Mexico.

The restaurant features the old tradition of "library lockers" which, for a six month fee, will store your purchased bottles of tequila.  Prices range from  the Corralejo Blanco ($75) to the top of the line Clase Azul Ultra (an "extra anejo" for $5k per bottle).

And at the front door, don’t forget your library card, on which you keep track of your tequila "studies."

La Biblioteca (1610 Little Raven St., Denver, CO 80202, plus there's one in NYC) is in the Richard Sandoval group of restaurants.  He just moved his group headquarters to Denver.  Other restaurants in Colorado include Zengo, Venga Venga, Tamayo, La Sandia, and Maya in Beaver Creek.

Music on this feature  is by Ramon Ayala y Cornelio Reyna, "Con Bottelitas," from the CD Juntos Para Siempre, and Mariachi Tolteca, "Jalisco," from the CD Classic Mariachi.