Denver's Neighborhood Liaison

Feb 28, 2014

There are more than 200 registered neighborhood organizations (RNOs) in the City and County of Denver.  Tracking how all Denver's neighborhoods are getting along is the cities official Neighborhood Liaison, Michael Sapp.

On First Take, Sapp said inclusiveness helps make a neighborhood association effective.  "That includes race, but it also includes age, making sure they have a strong voice for their entire neighborhood."

The other key factor: a strong newsletter can keep a neighborhood connected and informed.

Michael Sapp can be reached via e-mail:, or by calling 720-865-9024. The database of all 200+ neighborhood associations in Denver is posted on line under "Community Planning and Development."  (LINK) Music on this feature by Frank Sinatra with Count Basie and His Orchestra, "I Can't Stop Loving You," from the CD It Might As Well Be Swing, and Woody Shaw, "Solid," from the CD Giving the Store Away 2.