Denver: Center of the XicanIndie Film World!!

Mar 29, 2014

This week, Denver, Colorado is the center of the XicanIndie Film World. From April 3-6, one of Denver's cultural mainstays, Su Teatro Cultural and Performing Arts Center, hosts the  16th annual XicanIndie Film Fest. Nicely timed to follow Denver's observance of Cesar Chavez Day, the festival highlights  the struggles and lessons of the Chicano Rights movement, including a new documentary,  Ruben Salazar: Man in the Middleabout Ruben Salazar, killed during the 1969 Los Angeles Anti-War Moratorium.   The film's director, Phillip Rodriquez will be in Denver for the "advance screening" of the film: set to premiere on PBS  locally on Rocky Mountain PBS  - on April 29th - at 8pm and the XicanIndie screening is an important advance screening that's been nationally noted