Conversación Contacto: Penitentes | Aug 14

Aug 11, 2017

Dr. Antonio Esquibel, Rick Vigil, and Manuel Salazar tell the story of the Penitentes of Southern Colorado with their unique view from inside the brotherhood. “Spirituality and Its People””El Valle de San Luis", a video from the Encuentro of the Penitentes of San Antonio, Colorado will be screened, along with singing of an Alabado, followed by a brief Q&A. 


La Fraternidad Piadosa de Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno, known as Los Penitentes is a lay religious brotherhood of Spanish-American Catholic men that arose in northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. The Penitentes are known for their religious chants or alabados, and their practice of self-flagellation.


Presented by Museo de las Americas
Monday, August 14 - 1 to 2pm

History Colorado Museum - Martin Room
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