Community College of Denver prez pledges $50k

Jul 8, 2014

Community College of Denver considers itself "the leading point of entry to higher education for the City and County of Denver.  To that end, the new president of the institution, Dr. Everette Freeman, threw down the gauntlet to alumni, supporters and Denver's corporate community in the form of a $50,000, five-year pledge. "When you approach people about investing in higher education, the first question they ask is 'have you invested in that institution.'"  Freeman continued, “I am committed to ensuring that CCD has the support and programs needed to ensure success.” "Denver is at the apex of the discussion about community colleges because the mayor is committed to public K-12 education, and public and private higher education is committed to bringing those students into the system."  Dr. Freeman also discussed the new "traditional student:" 24 years of age and working full time while going to school. CCD's strategic plan 2019 details their plans to tackle student completion rates, community engagement, professional development and more. Music on this feature includes Etta James, "Night Time is the Right Time," from the CD The Right Time and Dave McKenna, "Broadway" from the CD Easy Street.