Coming Back with Wes Moore: up close and really personal

May 13, 2014

Best-selling author Wes Moore served in Afghanistan in 2005 and 2006.   "I was luckier than some.  I had a job waiting, but I had my own transition issues," Moore said.  He visited Colorado Springs in early May to screen his three-part PBS series "Coming Back with Wes Moore."

The series tells the story of Wes Moore's search for answers to some of the most difficult questions related to returning from war.  The series introduces viewers to several returning vets as they attempt to reintegrate back into society, establish new identities, and - for many - find a new mission.

"We were really returning to a country that had no idea who we (veterans) were.  We're trying to add a sense of humanity to all the numbers we throw out for the veteran community.  I want them to see these people so as we're making policy decisions, I want America to understand who we're talking about."

The series premieres on Tuesday, May 13, at 7:00 p.m. on Rocky Mountain PBS.  Check your local listings.

The YouTube video of this interview is here.