Carlos Núñez | Mar 19

Mar 10, 2017

Carlos Núñez comes from Galicia, the Celtic region in the North West of Spain. He is considered one of the biggest artists in the international World / Celtic Music scene, having the quality of a classical music virtuoso and the charisma of a rock star. Carlos has expanded the borders of Celtic music to Flamenco, Fado, Cuban, Mexican, Brazilian or Classical music, Movie Soundtracks, Contemporary Dance... As he describes it, he plays Celtic music with Latin passion.


"If it's possible to become a pop star playing the bagpipes, Núñez could be the man."
-Los Angeles Times


"The Jimi Hendrix of bagpipe." -BILLBOARD

The Soiled Dove Underground presents

Carlos Nuñez
Sunday, March 19 - 3pm

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Carlos Núñez