Cafe Brazil on Eats & Beats | Cold Smoked Pork Tenderlion

Aug 8, 2016

Cafe Brazil Chef Tony Zarlenga visited Eats & Beats to share one of their signature dishes: cold smoked blackened sakura pork tenderloin, sliced mid to mid-rare, with a sweet hot strawberry rhubarb glaze. 

This dish features heritage breed pork from Iowa. 

"Starting with quality ingredients is really is half the battle," said Tony. 

In it's 25th year, Cafe Brazil brings passion to its contemporary South American dishes. 

Cafe Brazil will be bringing this patron favorite to Live at the Vineyards

"We do a lot of out of house events, Live at the Vineyards is one of our favorites. It's just one wonderful party," said Tony. 

Hear the full interview above.