"Buy-cott" says SPEND for immigration reform

Jul 30, 2013

Colorado small business owners and professional associations that support a path to citizenship have announced a statewide "buy-cott" campaign, urging consumers to spend at businesses that publicly support a comprehensive immigration reform bill. It's a turnabout on the long and often difficult tactic of boycotting unjust businesses, said Michele Soli, spokeswoman for Rights for All People. Organizers say nearly 400 businesses have already signed on.

One of the campaign's bright posters feature an image of the Statue of Liberty, reads "shot local, shop small, shop fair. Vote with your wallet."  At news conferences in Denver, Pueblo, Glenwood Springs and Grand Junction, business owners from real estate and other fields touted the economic benefits of progressive immigration policies.  Consumers are also being asked to lobby their U.S. representatives, via the toll-free number 1-877-848-8289. Details of the campaign and geographic listing of participating businesses is posted at http://costatewidebuycott.wordpress.com/. Soli explained the strategy on Tuesday's "First Take with Lando and Chavis." Length of audio feature - about 6 mins.