Artist Mario Sauceda Opening & Music by Jai Gobind Band

Jan 4, 2018

Mario Sauceda Art Exhibit at La Cour Art Bistro & Jazz Bar. Sauceda's exhibit will be up all of January. Born into a multi-racial family in 1960, and raised in Southwest Denver, Mario Sauceda’s creative force was manifested at an early age. Even as young as three or four, he exhibited a determination and an ability to concentrate that established a precedent for his later explorations into both art and architecture. His mother was an art teacher in Denver Public Schools, and his father was a civil rights attorney. His home environment gave him both the necessary freedom to experiment, and provided a variety of early learning experiences that supported his creativity. In Junior High School, he won two 1st place awards from the Women in Construction Architectural Design Competition for Youth in America, and two honorable mentions. In High School, Mario won the Denver Public School’s Multi-Media Portfolio award, which is the highest honor for achievement in art in the district, and exhibited at the Denver Art Museum in 1978.

Mario Sauceda