5280: Ultimate Backyard BBQ with Kasey Cordell

Jul 10, 2014

In the mid-summer heat, who want's to be in the kitchen?  Takin' it to the grill, 5280 Magazine’s Kasey Cordell guides us through “The Ultimate Backyard BBQ.” 

Credit 5280.com/Aaron Colussi

Keeping things cool on the plate is the Early Summer Picnic Salad from Z Cuisine's chef is Timothy Payne.  "This salad is almost too beautiful to eat in some ways, with a ton of ingredients," said Cordell.

In the interview, we also discussed how to manage the heat of your cooking surface, with the "Grill-O-Meter."

Also in our discussion, The Rub, the judicious use of spices to manually rub into your meat, or to create a marinade.

Hungry?  Of course, so they've packaged their annual 5280 Six-Pack:  Odell 5-Barrel Pale Ale, Ska Modus Hoperandi, River North White, Great Divide Hoss Rye Lager, Black Shirt American India Red Ale, and the classic Coors Banquet.

5280.com: The Ultimate Backyard BBQ

 Party music on this feature includes Donald Harrison Jr. and Dr. John, "Hu-Ta-Nay" from Indian Blues and Dexter Gordon, "The Group," from the CD Tangerine