5 Pts week: RTD Director Deadwyler talks construction

May 14, 2014

In an occasional report to the community, RTD Director for District B Barbara Deadwyler visited "First Take with Lando and Chavis."  She updated progress on I-225 corridor and Peoria Crossing (pictured).

Credit www.rtd-fastracks.com

The Central Rail Study, which is considering the 1/8-mile connection from 30th and Downing (end of the light rail "D" Line) to the East Line at 38th and Blake, is a big issue for the Five Points, Whittier and Curtis Park neighborhoods.  "We're working very closely with the Five Points Business District, and for the citizens of the area, we've been bringing them in, (we're) trying to find out what works best."

Deadwyler says another priority for is how RTD serves the Green Valley Ranch area.  Some citizens are asking for extended hours for Route 45.  

Regarding the rail extensions to DIA, Deadwyler said, "All of this is supposed to happen at the same time, in the summer of 2016!"  

Deadwyler sends a big shout out to the construction workers on the many projects.  "The men and women are doing such marvelous work, in the cold, the heat, plugging along and coming in on time.  Be mindful of them.  Follow their instructions in the detours so they can get home to their families," Deadwyler asked.

The music piece opening this interview is "Birks Works," by Dizzy Gillespie on the CD Groovin' High