Wayne J. Fowler

Member, Community Advisory Board

Wayne J. Fowler is a Denver attorney, specializing in Real Estate and Business Law, Corporations, Partnerships and other organizations. He is interested in promoting businesses, NGOs and NPOs that foster his interests, including music (jazz and classical), history, education and the arts. He has been a member of the Winter Park Ski Patrol for 52 years and is a bicyclist, runner and squash player. He resides in Denver with his wife, Ortrud Fowler, a former Public Television executive and prominent Colorado potter.

"I found jazz when I was a teen and adopted it as my music. I was invited to serve on the KUVO CAB through a networking connection and accepted as a way to promote jazz. I now can "work" for the best jazz radio station in America with very interesting and devoted people who are trying to promote KUVO and its audience and insure a strong future for jazz."