Steve Chavis

First Take with Lando and Chavis Co-Host & Public Affairs Manager

Steve began his career in public radio as an intern in Detroit and at KGNU in Boulder. Before coming to KUVO, Steve was news director for KBCO, KHOW and KHIH and spent a dozen years directing communications for an international non-profit organization based in Denver. 

In addition to rising early to get First Take with Lando and Chavis started at 6 am, Steve is currently producing a documentary film in Detroit.

Steve and his bride, Theonita, have been married 32 years. They are the parents of two sons, two daughters, a son-in-law, and grand-humans to their German shepherd mix “Bella.”

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On this "Eats and Beats" Wednesday, our culinary trip around the world celebrates New Year's Eve traditional dishes.  For an Italian twist, we called on Howard Treppeda, whose menu for tonight includes the essential good luck food, beans. 

"We grew up eating lentils every New Year's Eve, and I want to share that with our guests," said Treppeda.  

Not eschewing the traditional foods of good fortune entirely, Treppeda notes, "What brings luck into it is not only the menu items.  It's the spirits, it's the music, it's the family that comes around the whole package."

In its 30th season, and it's second season as a statewide competition, the televised high school quiz game "Matchwits" is a marvel of mental capacity and reflexes.  Produced at Pueblo's Rocky Mountain PBS affiliate KTSC, Scott Jones guides the tournament to its exhilarating climax. 

"These kids are very quick," said Jones.  "They only have three seconds to answer the questions."  Fifty schools started the competition last September, and the TV show features the top 16 schools in a single elimination tournament.

Nicholas Garcia,

Innovations and controversies on the Colorado education scene make this one of the most interesting regions of the country.  From the Colorado desk of the national education news site Chalkbeat, Nic Garcia visited "First Take with Lando and Chavis" with "The eight stories that changed Colorado's education landscape in 2014."

Filmmaker and ad writer Christina Stevens had a dream of meeting Mother Teresa, literally.  She eventually did meet the famous nun in Calcutta, India.  The resulting film is now re-told in a book, Love - The Saint and The Seeker (Hay House, 2014).  Stevens visited "First Take with Lando and Chavis" to talk about some of the things she learned.

Stevens, who traded in her high powered advertising career for more humanitarian pursuits, considers her experience more "transcendent than transformative."  Mother Teresa suggested she volunteer in the orphanage.

The front page story in an upcoming holiday edition of La Voz Colorado depicts a humble community church in Questa, New Mexico, near Taos.  Nearly 175 years old, St. Anthony's Church was nearly destroyed by weather and the Diocese that no longer wanted it.  La Voz writer Ernest Gurule visited First Take with the story of community and faith.

"The locals, all 1800 of them, predominantly Latino and shrinking all the time, said, 'no, we want to rebuild it,'" explained Gurule.