Jim Cullum

Host, Riverwalk Jazz

Jim Cullum is a jazz cornetist and band leader who has been active mostly in San Antonio, Texas for over 50 years.  Beginning in a partnership with his late father, a clarinetist, Mr. Cullum also has specialized, developing an individual sound from the pre-World War II traditional jazz stylings.  He is influenced, though not dominated, by the playing of Bix Beiderbecke, Louis Armstrong, Texas cornetist Garner Clark and the blues singing of Bessie Smith.

One of the highlights of Mr. Cullum’s career that has brought national acclaim is his development of and performance in Riverwalk Jazz, a highly successful weekly nationwide public radio program.

The Jim Cullum Jazz Band, under Mr. Cullum’s direction, has become widely known.  The Band has, on numerous occasions, toured internationally, performed at Carnegie Hall and often included other legendary greats in appearances.