Geoff Anderson

Host, Tuesday's Night Beat and Substitute Host, All Blues

Geoff Anderson has been a KUVO volunteer for more than 25 years. For almost all that time, he has been on the air Tuesday evenings as the host of The Night Beat with Geoff Anderson. Geoff also regularly fills in as the host for All Blues.

Geoff started in public radio in 1976 at KCSU in Fort Collins. After taking a break from radio to attend law school and start a legal career, Geoff dove back into jazz radio by volunteering at KUVO in 1988 as the station was just starting out.

Geoff is a fan of many types of music and attends concerts around town on a regular basis. He show reviews appear on KUVO's website as well as All About Jazz. Being a music junkie and working in radio during the '70s resulted in Geoff amassing an extensive record collection that he has kept intact to this day.

During his weekly feature, "The Vinyl Vault," on-air every Tuesday at 8:30 PM, Geoff shares a record from his collection that isn't in the KUVO library.

In his spare time, Geoff is a real estate attorney at Sweetbaum, Levin & Sands, PC .

This week’s Vinyl Vault features the second album from Ralph Towner’s band Solstice, “Sound and Shadows.” Released in 1977 on ECM Records, the album finds Towner on 12 string and classical guitars as well as piano and even French Horn. The other players in the quartet were ECM stars and included Jan Garbarek on soprano and tenor saxes as well as flute, Eberhard Weber on bass and cello and Jon Christensen on drums. Towner composed all the songs on the album. By this time the band had been together off and on for several years and was achieving a polished unity in their ensemble playing.

This week the Vinyl Vault will feature tracks from the first two albums by the band Cymande. The band originally consisted of nine musicians from the West Indies living in England. Their first album, simply called “Cymande” came out in 1972 on Janus Records. The next, entitled “Second Time Round” was released the following year, also on Janus. The band called their music as Nyah-Rock but was described as a mix of funk, soul, R&B, jazz, rock, reggae, African music and West Indian folk.

This week’s Vinyl Vault will feature one of vocalist Mark Murphy’s outstanding Muse releases, “Satisfaction Guaranteed.” Recorded in November 1979 and released the following year, the album features a great program including “All the Things You Are,” “Bijou,” “Eleanor Rigby,” “Waltz for Debby” and more. The band includes many great players including Slide Hampton on trombone, Richie Cole on alto, Ronnie Cuber on bari sax, Tom Harrell on trumpet and Mark Egan on bass among others. Murphy was in his prime for this session and his interpretations of these songs are one-of-a-kind.

This week the Vinyl Vault will feature a classic from Gil Scott Heron and Brian Jackson, their 1977 album on Arista records, “Bridges.” Many of the songs address the band’s time on the road. But, of course, politics plays a big role too with songs like “We Almost Lost Detroit,” about a near nuclear accident at a power plant near Detroit, “Tuskegee 626” about syphilis experiments and “Under the Hammer” which is maybe just about the struggle to get by. Check out the Vinyl Vault with Geoff Anderson on The Night Beat, Tuesday, January 23 at 8:30pm on KUVO.

The Tierney Sutton Band has been known for some time as a unit that takes jazz standards and runs them through their magical musical box and something very, very different emerges. Usually, the results are somewhat recognizable, other times the original theme is revamped, subjected to genetic engineering and cross bred with strange genomes until it bears only the vaguest of familial resemblances; third cousins, twice removed, and sometimes, a whole new breed.