DeeJay SD

Co-Host, Soulstice Radio Live!

Rockin' Colorado crowds for over 10 years, DeeJay SD's versatility knows no bounds. SD has entertained crowds from the Four Corners to Texas, Djing MC Battles, fashion shows, poetry gatherings, concerts, parties, weddings, clubs and much more. SD's Dj career started in 1998, after finding his dad's old turntables while cleaning the basement. He studied the techniques of various masters of the craft, inevitably arriving at his own style. He was soon afterwards doing small parties and mixtapes for the kids in his school. After graduating from high school in 1999, SD ventured out into some of the local bars and clubs. Later he was introduced to the battle world and began a new path in his Dj life. Joining local Dj crews he was able to push his talent to even greater heights. And being open to avenues unavailable to many Djs, SD has developed a grace, style and charisma not often seen in the chaotic world of Djing. Currently DeeJay SD is the owner of,  providing news and updates about Soul Artists and happenings around the Mile High City, He also DJs regularly at Funky Buddha's Brown Sugar on Wednesdays, which has been highlighted in the Denver Post. SD's talent continues to evolve and expand with the passage of time, and is he is definitely in a class of his own.