Charlie Cump

Substitute Jazz Host

Charlie Cump, a native of Chicago, was encouraged to study piano at an early age.

Charlie later played cornet in his grade school band, and fooled around with a guitar in college.

He was first introduced to Dave Brubeck and others by his brother, Dave, who brought jazz LP's home from college. 

As an undergraduate student in Western Michigan, Charlie's interest in jazz grew through college friends who introduced him to Roland Kirk, Weather Report, Eric Dolphy, and others. A class in jazz history taught by a jazz piano player sealed his fate as a life-long jazz fan. 

Ever since that college class, Charlie has pursued the enjoyment of live and recorded jazz wherever he could find it.

In the 1980's, Charlie shared his love of music by twice teaching a basic jazz history class through the Denver Free University.

For nearly a decade, Charlie has volunteered at KUVO/KVJZ as a substitute host. He strives to program music which is both entertaining and introduces listeners to new artists and tunes. Charlie is a firm believer in the delight of the sound of surprise.