• Host, Jazz Caravan

    Gee whiz! Whoda thunk that the son of Iowans could have reached the heights of cosmopolitan prestige as host of a two-hour program on the nation's number-one jazz and blues station? It really does go to show that you really can be anyone you...

  • President and General Manager, Rocky Mountain Public Broadcasting Network

    Harris can be reached at

  • Digital Marketing Coordinator

    You can reach Jeanette at or 303-620-5735.

  • Website Events/Festival Coordinator Volunteer

    Jim is retired from his career as the manager of a machine shop and graciously volunteers many hours of every week at KUVO. He is responsible for the Events Calendar on our web site, ensuring that this is the place to turn to when you are...

  • Engineering

    Joey has been in the broadcast field for 13+ years and has diversified his engineering talents over television and radio. Joey’s talents range from broadcast systems installation to specialized IT networking solutions. He is an alumni of the...