• Account Executive
  • Music Director & Lunchtime at the Oasis Host

    Arturo has been part of "The Oasis in the City" since the spring of 2003. Before that, Arturo was part of Miami's jazz station for 13 years.

    Arturo was fortunate to have been raised listening to the progressive radio stations of Los...

  • Development Associate and Volunteer Coordinator

    Ready to volunteer? Have fun at a festival? Provide food for our drive or special events? Donate tickets?  Arvida can help you connect with KUVO in many ways. Arvida can be reached at or 303...

  • General Manager & First Take with Lando and Chavis Co-Host

    Carlos has more than 40 years experience in radio. While still in high school, his first night on the air was January 13, 1968 on the Armed Forces Caribbean Network in Puerto Rico. In 1970, Carlos was the week night host on WOUR in Utica, NY,...

  • Outreach