• Host, R&B Jukebox

    Originally from New York, Easy Bill has been the host of the R&B Jukebox since November 2002. He was introduced to the sounds of honking saxophones, pounding pianos, and the Big Beat through the swing revival of the mid-nineties. Learning...

  • Host, Saturday Morning Jazz with Ed Danielson

    Ed Danielson, Saturday Morning Jazz with Ed Danielson, has been with KUVO for more than 20 years.

    Ed was previously the host of

  • Gee whiz! Whoda thunk that the son of Iowans could have reached the heights of cosmopolitan prestige as host of a two-hour program on the nation's number-one jazz and blues station? It really does go to show that you really can be anyone you...

  • Host, Alt. Latino
  • Host, Jazz with Gabriel

    Gabriel was born into a family of musicians with roots in Detroit and New Orleans. She came to Denver several years after college. Like many others, Denver was a stop on the way to somewhere else for Gabriel, but she’s been here for over 30...