Brett Starr

Former Host, Thursday Night Jazz Odyssey; Fill-in Host, First Take with Lando & Chavis

Host Brett Starr has an unquenchable passion for elevating the livelihood of society with quality music and relevant news. This zeal for engaging listeners is a driving force behind who he is.

Brett began playing instruments at age 12, has been an underground music DJ for 17 years, a journalist for five years and has broadcasted to audiences ranging from local to global since 2003.

Thump Radio first showcased Starr on Alice 97.3 FM in San Francisco and KBIG 104 in Los Angeles. He joined the longest running electronic music streaming website Lowercase Sounds in 2010, and returned to the FM dial when he joined KUVO in 2013.

Recently, Brett has become a Convergent Journalist burgeoning with a previously untapped geyser of storytelling that transcends the material boundaries of traditional media without lacking the fundamentals of the Fourth Estate.

Brett’s fresh energy and tactile approach to journalism contains the same unrelenting creative prowess he’s always applied to music, but is coupled with a deep desire for social justice and responsibility to the highest truth. This makes him a formidable contributor of news narrative deserving of attention, just as proficient as he’s been in music selection for the most discerning of listeners.

Favorite Quotes:

“If we don’t stand for something, we will fall for anything.” — Irene Dunne on America’s Town Meeting of the Air, 1945

“There are two kinds of music – good music and the other kind.” — Duke Ellington

Dr. Anthony Grant started as MSU Denver's new director of athletics the same day the Regency Athletic Complex at Auraria Campus opened across vacant industrial space at Mariposa and Colfax. And things have just kept getting more exciting for both Grant and the urban community ever since.

Saturday was Record Store Day, and JT Donaldson is just the DJ to be excited about that. Co-owner of Josey Records in Dallas and Kansas City, Donaldson also started pressing vinyl records again recently. That is something only 20 companies were doing in 2014. Record sales have been increasing in the US every year for the last decade.

There's a long history of houseless families taking up residence in motels on Colfax. One organization is trying to fight the unhealthy eating that comes along with such a situation. Megan Vizina of Colfax Community Network says crock pots are a great way to combat this form of food insecurity. And she would like KUVO listeners to help them in their Crock Pot Drive, happening until April 20.

Palisade High School Math teacher Heather Huntley is overwhelmed with pride. On Sunday, her students took the championship on Rocky Mountain PBS quiz show Matchwits, as victors in the show's 31st season of competition. Not only did these high schoolers gain notoriety in their own community, but now they go on to a national competition with a long-desired, confidence building win under their belt.

harm reduction action center

The Harm Reduction Action Center - an organization dedicated to minimizing the harmful effects of drug use - believes addiction "is not something you can arrest your way out of."

Robert Bellamy, the center's Director of Programs and Data Evaluation, visited First Take with Lando and Chavis to talk about how drug addiction and abuse is a public health problem.