Andy O'Leary

Host, The Nightside with Andy O

Andy will mark 25 years with KUVO on Labor Day 2014.  He started as a volunteer on-air host and eventually became the stations'  Music Director. He still is involved with KUVO as the  host of Sunday nights' Jazz Tales. Andy was born in New York City but has lived in Denver virtually all his life. He’s half Irish and half Shoshone and revels in coming from two distinct and rich cultures. One of the many reasons he feels KUVO is so very important to listeners is its' attention to various cultures.

Currently Andy is the leader of the eclectic band Coyote Poets of the Universe, who are recording their sixth CD.

Andy lives next to the Highline Canal and when he isn’t playing music, writing, performing or broadcasting he spends time walking on the canal and enjoying the beauty of Colorado.