Matching Gifts

Your employer may offer a matching gift program in which your contribution to jazz89 KUVO will be matched by company funds.  Policies differ from company to company, with the range of a matching gift being between 50%-200% of your individual contribution.
We have a current list of companies offering matching gift programs to their employees.  It's easy to find out if your company is on our list!  Call us at 303-446-7611 or email
To send in a matching gift request, just follow these 3 easy steps:
1.  Ask your human resources department for a matching gift form.
2.  Complete your portion of the form and mail it to:  KUVO Membership Department, PO Box 2040 Denver, CO  80201.
3.  We complete our portion of the form and submit the request for matching funds to your employer. 
That's all there is to it - and your jazz dollars will go even further!  Thank you for all your support to KUVO - YOUR Oasis in the City!