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The third Thursday of every month at 6:35 pm MST, Carolyn Joy of Joy Wine and Spirits teams up with a local chef to provide a divine wine and food pairing. 

Featured Wine: Bedrock Winery Zinfandel 2013

Zinfandel is the third largest wine crop in California behind Cabernet and Chardonnay. But most of it goes for either the sweet pink stuff introduced to us in the 70’s or rather non-descript wine.

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Join the First Take crew each Thursday at 8:35 AM as they talk about Colorado’s cultural scene with Arts District host Carrie Saldo. Below is the summary from January 21, 2016.  

"Sex with Strangers" at Curious Theatre

Medea | Performing Arts Review

Jan 21, 2016

Watch the Greek classic Medea unfold before your eyes at Lakewood's The Edge Theater Company.

Exploring sexism, power, and the fickleness of the gods, the tale cumulates in a tough and messy ending. 

This show runs now through February 14, 2016. Learn more and purchase tickets online or by calling 303-232-0363. 

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Jaco: Wild, Untamed, Complicated | Jazz on Film Review

Jan 21, 2016

In the world of bass guitar there is everyone before Jaco Pastorius and there is everyone after him. In the history of 20th century music only a handful of musicians stand out as truly revolutionizing what was possible from their instruments. Charlie Parker, Jimi Hendrix, and Jaco Pastorius are in that elite group. Interestingly, none of them lived beyond their early 30s and all three are instantly recognizable by one name only—Bird, Jimi, Jaco.

Reel Lesson #1: The Nature of Tragedy

Jan 15, 2016

If film is the study of life, then film theory is simple philosophy. "Reel Lessons" is an occasional audio feature at  In this lesson, Andrew Craig analyzes the use of light and mood in the film The 33 (2015), and the nature of human tragedy.

"When the miners look at the cave-in, the darkness this scene is suffocating, which makes sense.  The film creates two realms of opposite existence, as if to articulate two emotional extremes."