Jazz Caravan

Weekdays, 4 to 6pm

Every weekday from 4:00 to 6:00 PM, KUVO’s Jazz Caravan provides peerless music, regular traffic reports, and an outlet for Erik Troe’s otherwise pointless trove of discographic trivia.  We feature only the finest in classic and contemporary Jazz, celebrate musical birthdays and observe passings, promote upcoming concerts, and spin recordings made on any given day in Jazz history!  You can expect a classy rotation of diverse artists and styles from under the Jazz umbrella, but your host’s penchant for ‘20s Sweet orchestras, ‘40s Swing-to-Bop, mid ‘50s Cool Hollywood, Chamber Jazz and anyone he considers “underrated” to be prominently featured.  Hitch your wagon to the Jazz Caravan and blaze a trail to your Oasis in the City!  

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Jazz Appreciation Month
7:29 pm
Wed April 16, 2014

Erik Troe is a happy fellow

Aleks, leader of the Alex Girshevich Trio

I'm a most lucky fella! We've got live music featured both Thursday and Friday on the JAZZ CARAVAN this week. Yay!

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