Membership FAQs

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Where is my station thank you gift and membership card?
We do our best to process all pledges in a timely fashion. If you have not received your thank you gift or membership card a week after you made your pledge, please contact Judi at (303)446-7614 or 
How can I get a receipt?
We include a letter of acknowledgement for each pledge we receive. In that letter you will find the total amount of your pledge that is tax-deductible. In January we send out a tax receipt for all pledges of $250 or more that we received (per IRS guidelines). If you pledged less than $250 and would like to receive a receipt, contact  Judi at (303)446-7614 or
I may have been charged twice - or my contribution wasn't processed.
We do our best to ensure all pledges are processed and handled accurately and efficiently. If you find that your pledge has been processed twice or has not been processed, please contact Judi at (303) 446-7614 or
Tell me more about the station clubs!.
KUVO has many clubs available for our listener members. Here are the clubs we currently offer and some information about them:
I'm in the Studio Club - how will I find out about the next studio performance?
Because our live studio performances come together quickly, we always like to have a e-mail address for the people who are in the Studio Club, Music and Wine Club, or Producers Clubs.  If you do not have a e-mail address and are not receiving notices that way, you can always call Arvida at (303)446-7631 or and request a reservation for you and a guest as a member of the Studio Club, Music and Wine Club, or Producers' Clubs.
I'm in the CD of the Month Club - when can I expect my first CD?
Most CD of the Month Club members can expect to receive the first month's selection following the month they pledged. For example, if you pledge in January you will begin to receive the CD of the Month selection in February. However, if we can process your pledge before the CD of the month is mailed out (usually around the 20th of the month) we will include you in that month's mailing.
I pledged my support during the station's last Membership Drive and I'm supposed to get tickets - how does that happen?
Many of our ticketed events are "name at the door" situations. This means that you can go directly to the venue and check in at their "will call" area by giving them your name and telling them you are on the KUVO guest list. We will do our best to call and remind you of this by the night before the performance.
If you are supposed to receive physical tickets to the event we will mail those to you within 48 hours of the event. If you have questions or have not received your tickets feel free to contact Judi at (303) 446-7614 or at anytime to ask about the status of your tickets and pledge.


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