Denise Meny

Web and Social Media Coordinator

A long-time station member and supporter, Denise manages the content on the KUVO website and the stations social media activities. She is also involved with various marketing efforts at the station. Denise comes to KUVO via a circuitous route that started in Washington DC where she studied and worked as a demographer, through to Denver where she had a 15-year marketing and public relations career in the IT industry and then spent 8 years as owner/operator of a small neighborhood cafe. She enjoys all of KUVO's programming and has expanded her musical horizons through her association with the station. You can reach Denise via e-mail at 303-446-7625


Jazz Appreciation Month
2:00 am
Tue April 15, 2014

Tuesday's Trivia - Tax Day Special

You likely know that KUVO is graced by some of the coolest cats in the world - our on-air hosts. Their passion for music is evident and the knowledge they share is priceless. KUVO volunteer and jazz blogger, Peter Furlong is writing profiles of a subset of KUVOs hosts - the ones that are also musicians.  Here's a link to the series.

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4:23 pm
Tue April 8, 2014

University of Wyoming Jazz Ensemble

On Wednesday, April 9 at 4:25pm, Erik Troe welcomes Dr. Scott Turpen from the University of Wyoming Jazz Studies Program to KUVO. The Cowboys Jazz Ensemble performs at Dazzle that evening at 7:00pm.

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Jazz Appreciation Month
1:01 am
Tue April 8, 2014

Charles Mingus: postman

Yes, Charles Mingus was 1/2 of yesterday's 2-part Trivia answer. Mingus was the postman-turned bass player that Red Norvo (part 1) wanted to find:

Yesterday's Trivia: "When the trio came back from Hawaii, I remembered a bass player who had subbed for me in San Francisco when I was working a tour with Billie Holiday. I tried to find him. and couldn’t locate him. Eventually I found him. He was carrying mail in Los Angeles. So that’s how ????? joined me—after I convinced him to give up the mail route. That was really when it started to go."

Community Cinema
12:03 pm
Mon April 7, 2014

Medora: Community Cinema from Rocky Mountain PBS

In Indiana, where life revolves around high school basketball, what happens to a community when their beloved team can no longer win a single game? Medora follows the down-but-not-out Medora Hornets varsity basketball team over the course of the 2011 season, capturing their stories both on and off the court. Riding a brutal losing streak when the film begins, the team’s struggle to compete bears eerie resemblance to the town’s fight for survival.

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Colorado Experience
6:44 am
Tue April 1, 2014

Discover the Air Force Academy

Tune into Rocky Mountain PBS on Thursday, April 3 at 7pm for a new episode of Colorado Experience - the United States Air Force Academy.Uncover the secrets of the  Air Force Academy with a look at the significant events, landmarks and accomplishments over the last 60 years.

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