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Tune in to KUVO to celebrate the culmination of Jazz Appreciation Month on April 30 with International Jazz Day! CELEBRATE, EDUCATE, PARTICIPATE: This is how we keep jazz alive and connected right here in our community and globally! To become a member today: 1-800-574-5886, or pledge securely here. Consider gifts of $10, $15, or $20 per month, become a sustaining member, A JAZZ MESSENGER! You'll be joining other members who have committed to support jazz. Thank you for being part of the KUVO...
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Celebrating Jazz Groups

Thank you for participating in our Jazz Appreciation Month Listener we celebrate jazz groups. This marks the last entry in our Jazz Appreciation Month tributes and we have saved the best for last – Denver’s very own jazz group extraordinaire, Convergence! The six members of Convergence are each acclaimed artists and master educators in their own right. Their individual backgrounds include playing with everyone from Woody Herman and Dizzy Gillespie to Dave Matthews and Maria...
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A GREAT DAY IN FIVE POINTS! On Saturday, May 21st, at 4:30pm during the Arts and Venues Five Points Jazz Festival – we will gather for a photo opp, and we would like for you to join us on the corner of 29th and Welton at 4:30pm. We are inviting you to wear your KUVO Sonny Rollins t-shirt which you can receive for your support of the music for $7.41 per month, or long-sleeve t-shirt for $10 per month, or a hoodie for $20 per month. We will be sending the photo of a great day in Five Points to...
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World Mourns Passing of Prince

Apr 21, 2016

KUVO joins the world in mourning the passing of singer/songwriter, Prince. The music icon died Thursday at his Paisley Park estate in suburban  Minneapolis. He was 57.

Born Prince Rogers Nelson, Prince was a multi-instrumental virtuoso who sold more than 100 million records during his celebrated career. He reportedly played 27 instruments on one of his recordings. He is remembered for such iconic songs as "Purple Rain,"  "Little Red Corvette" and "1999."

A memorial is rapidly growing at Paisley Park in celebration of the life of this citizen of the world.

Jazz on Film: Don Cheadle’s story w/ attitude 'Miles Ahead'

Apr 21, 2016

“If you’re going to tell a story, come with some attitude.”

Given the Passover Seder plate staples of brisket and matzoh, a fuller bodied red wine would be good, although we've always tried to let our customers choose whatever they want.  We do have red and white kosher wines.

Kosher wine has come a long way in the last five years with more modern wine making techniques, more care in the vineyard and more care in the cellar.  There is much more variety as well: pinot noir, sparkling, cabernet, chardonnay, white blends.

What has our food come to, when the simplest, most natural process for raising food seems special, unique, or groundbreaking? So it seems with the return to grass-fed dairy cows.  Nutrition educator Jonathan Clinthorne, who works with Natural Grocers, visited "First Take with Lando and Chavis" to share the latest on "pasture-raised dairy."

"Fifty to 100 years ago, all cows were out on pasture their entire lives," said Clinthorne.  "Our entire agricultural system has changed so much in the last decade.  Confinement dairies feed cows corn and soy, grains."

April is Financial Literacy for Youth Month (so proclaimed by the U.S. Congress in 2003. One wonders if Tax Day is intentionally related...).  Certainly Americans' dismal savings rate (2.6 percent of gross national income, according to the Federal Reserve) and lagging retirement planning suggests we need to begin financial planning when people are young!

"Groovin' High" | Stories of Standards

Apr 19, 2016

Tune in to First Take with Lando and Chavis - weekdays from 6-9 am MT - for Stories of Standards to hear our favorite versions of this song all week long! 

Festival del Tambor | April 19

Apr 18, 2016

2nd annual Festival del Tambor will be held at Dazzle Jazz on Tuesday, April 19, at 7p. The festival will feature a TBD guest artist performing with two local Afro-Caribbean bands - Kent Denver's Downbeat Award-winning Azucartones and CU-Denver's Voz de la Clave.

Dr. Anthony Grant started as MSU Denver's new director of athletics the same day the Regency Athletic Complex at Auraria Campus opened across vacant industrial space at Mariposa and Colfax. And things have just kept getting more exciting for both Grant and the urban community ever since.

Saturday was Record Store Day, and JT Donaldson is just the DJ to be excited about that. Co-owner of Josey Records in Dallas and Kansas City, Donaldson also started pressing vinyl records again recently. That is something only 20 companies were doing in 2014. Record sales have been increasing in the US every year for the last decade.

There's a long history of houseless families taking up residence in motels on Colfax. One organization is trying to fight the unhealthy eating that comes along with such a situation. Megan Vizina of Colfax Community Network says crock pots are a great way to combat this form of food insecurity. And she would like KUVO listeners to help them in their Crock Pot Drive, happening until April 20.


Wine tasting and pour, live music by Monty Alexander and the Harlem-Kingston Express, gourmet feast, dance & auction.

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