Membership Clubs

 $300 Studio Club

Some clubs are just naturally better than others. Take, for example, our KUVO Studio Club at the $300 member level. You’ll get a seat in our performance studio and tickets to events around town. For a whole year! This year, STUDIO CLUB members are enjoying a number of award winning performances - ones you simply will not want to miss -- it’s our promise to you! Become a Studio Club member NOW!

  $365 365 Club - Day Sponsor
Looking for a way to support KUVO and your favorite organization? How about your loved one’s birthday, anniversary or graduation day? May we suggest the 365 Club? For just a dollar a day, your contribution of $365 let’s you pick your exclusive day, and receive 10 on-air messages, all day long. Click here to pledge now!

  $600 CD of the Month Club
You know you can count on KUVO for great music. Why not sign up for our CD of the Month Club and get in on it directly? At the $600 member level, we’ll send  the latest and greatest CD to your home every month, as chosen by our Music Director, Arturo Gómez. Join the CD of the Month Club NOW!

  $1,200 Music Producers Club
Are you someone who likes to put your money where your heart is? How about KUVO’s Music Producers Club? It's two clubs wrapped up for you in one fun level. At the $1,000 member level, you’re in the CD of the Month Club and the Studio Club. That means a CD is delivered to your home every month, and you’ll have a reserved seat for every performance in our Phyllis A. Greer Performance Studio. Join now!

  $1,500 Music and Wine Club
Music and wine go great together, right? Now, just imagine having both delivered right to your front door for an entire year! When you join KUVO's Music and Wine Club (at the $1,500 level), that’s exactly what happens. The music is hand-picked by KUVO Music Director Arturo Gomez, and the wine is selected by Carolyn Joy from Joy Wine and Spirits!  With this club, your first delivery will include two wine goblets with this year’s KUVO trumpet design – making this club the club to be in! Pledge to support KUVO, come rain or shine!

Other Club Levels
To learn more about about KUVO's other Club Level Memberships, visit the Club Level page.