Brett Starr

Host, Thursday Night Jazz Odyssey; Fill-in Host, First Take with Lando & Chavis

Thursday night Jazz Odyssey host Brett Starr has an unquenchable passion for elevating the vibration of society with quality music and relevant news. This zeal for engaging listeners is a driving force behind who he is.

Brett began playing instruments at age 12, has been a club/mix DJ for 17 years, and has broadcasted to audiences ranging from local to global since 2003.

Thump Radio first showcased Starr on Alice 97.3 FM in San Francisco and KBIG 104 in Los Angeles. He joined the longest running electronic music streaming website Lowercase Sounds in 2010, and returned to the FM dial when he joined KUVO in 2013.

Recently, Brett has become a Convergent Journalist burgeoning with a previously untapped geyser of storytelling that transcends the material boundaries of traditional media without lacking the fundamentals of the Fourth Estate.

Brett’s fresh energy and tactile approach to journalism contains the same unrelenting creative prowess he’s always applied to music, but is coupled with a deep desire for social justice and responsibility to the highest truth. This makes him a formidable contributor of news narrative deserving of attention, just as proficient as he’s been in music selection for the most discerning of listeners.

Favorite Quotes:

“If we don’t stand for something, we will fall for anything.” — Irene Dunne on America’s Town Meeting of the Air, 1945

“There are two kinds of music – good music and the other kind.” — Duke Ellington

Special guest Matthew Goldwasser shares his review of Keep On' Keepin On, an intimate documentary depicting the relationship between a blind piano prodigy, Justin Kauflin, and his teacher,  the legendary Clark Terry. 

Shot over the course of five years, the film covers the journey of two friends confronting the toughest challenges of their lives.

Nurse Program Manager Felicia Boyd - from the Gipson Eastside Family Health Center - joined First Take with Lando and Chavis to talk about the center's legacy of providing medical care for the Five Points area.

The Yoga Mat

Dr. Desiré Anastasia, a professor at MSU Denver's Sociology and Criminology department, joined First Take with Lando and Chavis to talk about her work bringing the spiritual practice of yoga to underserved populations such as inmates and veterans as part of her work with the Give Back Yoga Foundation

Kara Pearson Gwinn

Real-estate reporter Margaret Jackson found herself seriously reflecting on the way gentrification has affected Denver after her dog groomer jokingly claimed to be the "last black man standing" in Whittier (east Five Points).