What We Play

As our name, jazz89 KUVO, indicates -  we are mostly a jazz station. We play jazz as our main format because we believe jazz to be the best musical representation of what the United States is-- a melting pot of various cultures, each contributing its own ingredients to create something new and uniquely American. We also play the blues, jazz’s backbone, as well as a variety of other music genres throughout the weekends.

Jazz89 KUVO is a full service jazz station, we have a global reputation for playing the entire spectrum of recorded jazz, from its inception in the 1920s through the swing era, from be-bop to post bop, from the 1960s soul jazz movement through 1980s fusion jazz and onward to the latest recordings. Moreover, we take pride in spotlighting the music and musicians of Denver, the Front Range and Colorado.

Throughout the year we broadcast performances by local musicians as well as national or internationally known artists playing in our Phyllis A. Greer Performance Studio. By the same token, we ensure the future of jazz through our monthly broadcast performances of local middle school, high school and college ensembles.

Saturday afternoons we detour from playing jazz, we begin with our blues show which is followed by classic R’n’B from the 1940s and 1950s. Saturday nights is funk, classic and contemporary, next up is our neo-soul/hip hop program.

Sunday is specialty day, Native American music and news, then Latin American folklore and news followed by gospel music. Moving on, we feature the music of the Southwest Mexican-American and Chicano experience succeeded by Latin rock. Sundays move forward with the music of the African Diaspora, then we feature salsa and Latin jazz continuing with Brazilian before returning to our jazz format on Sunday night. All of these shows feature roots, classics and modern styles.

Arturo Gómez
Music Director

MaryLynn Gillaspie

KUVO announces new Sunday lineup, adding Andy O' 8pm with a new program called The Nightside!

Saturday's programming now features our popular NPR music programs: Riverwalk Jazz, JazzSet with Dee Dee Bridgewater and Live from Lincoln Center with Wendell Pierce.

MaryLynn Gillaspie

6am-9am        First Take with Lando and Chavis
9am-12pm      The Morning Beat with Victor Cooper
12pm-1pm      Lunchtime at the Oasis with Arturo Gomez
1pm-4pm        Take Note with Susan Gatschet Reese
4pm-6pm        Jazz Caravan with Erik Troe
6pm-8pm        Into the Evening with Rodney Franks
8pm-10pm      The Night Beat with Jimmy Trujillo, Geoff Anderson, Doug Crane, & Dan Feinberg (Mon-Thu)
10pm-12pm    Jazz Odyssey with Matt Seres, Andy O', Venus Cruz & Brett Starr (Mon-Thu)
12pm-6am      Jazz with Bob Parlocha

MaryLynn Gillaspie

KUVO has shuffled it’s programming lineup for 2014. On January 6, FIRST TAKE WITH LANDO AND CHAVIS will air from 6 until 9 every weekday morning, THE MORNING BEAT with Victor Cooper will take you to noon followed by Arturo Gomez's LUNCHTIME AT THE OASIS!