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Untreated: Mental Illness
1:26 pm
Tue June 17, 2014

CO reducing seclusion, restraints for mentally ill; Inequities persist

Credit Ryan Conley / Rocky Mountain PBS

Health reporter with Rocky Mountain PBS / I-News Kristin Jones visited "First Take with Lando and Chavis" to discuss her recent story on the use of seclusion and restraints in the management of mentally ill patients and prison inmates.  Her reporting also uncovered persistent inequities in they way Latino and African-American cases are handled.

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1:08 pm
Fri May 16, 2014

Untreated: mental health assistance hard to find

Credit Joe Mahoney / I-News Network

Kristin Jones' article on the difficulty of mental health intervention begins with the the story of Danielle Nordeen, who drove  a 16-year-old Toyota Camry 300 miles from her home in Grand Junction to Pueblo twice a week to visit her son in a psychiatric ward.  Her son is seven.  "Across the state, the same story plays out," writes Jones. "A shortage of treatment options for people with mental illnesses means waiting months to see a psychiatrist.

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3:12 pm
Fri April 4, 2014

Dual diagnosis just the latest mental health challenge

Credit Joe Mahoney / I-News Network

I-News Network health reporter Kristin Jones reports on the complex challenges faced by people with a "dual diagnosis," both a developmental disability and a mental illness.  It's just another complication that's wearing down an already over-burdened mental health infrastructure.

Jones writes: A tranquil moment of drawing at the kitchen table cedes to Alex’s high-pitched squeal, his wrists colliding. Once he starts hitting himself, there’s nothing to do but freeze and wait for it to pass.

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I-News Network
11:07 am
Wed April 2, 2014

Grassroots Movement to Confront Mental Illness Gains Momentum

Jim Trotter, I-News Network
Originally published March 31, 2014

 A statewide grassroots movement to reduce the stigma of mental illness and to remove barriers to treatment, Creating Community Solutions Colorado, will intensify its efforts Saturday with large public meetings planned for Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Glenwood Springs.

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