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Jazz on Film: An original blues feminist - "Bessie"

May 22, 2015
Frank Masi/HBO

When we first think of the blues the images that first come to mind are either the Mississippi delta men with acoustic guitars like Robert Johnson and Son House or alternately the electrified version advanced by Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf and urbanized in the likes of Jr. Wells and Buddy Guy among many others. However, lost in our understanding of history is the fact that in the beginning, the most famous of early blues musicians were women. They sold the most records and commanded the most attention although apart from only a few their names have largely been forgotten.

“It’s Only a Paper Moon” | Stories of Standards

May 19, 2015

Harold Arlen’s “It’s Only a Paper Moon” was originally titled “If You Believed in Me” and debuted in the 1932 Broadway show, The Great Magoo.

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Regional Transportation District Director for District B Barbara Deadwyler visited "First Take with Lando and Chavis" with a few updates on the local mass transit system, including the ubiquitous question of everyone waiting for "The Ride," "where's the bus?"

"Coming soon," Deadwyler replied.  "We're working on technology so that we can have real time information, so if something happens down the line, (riders) can put a call in and get the current information."  Deadwyler says that app should be in place by spring 2016.

Global sensors, earthquake apps and satellite media outlets give us instant awareness of disasters anywhere in the world, anytime, but what happens after the momentary bump in coverage?  Jim Nowak shared the long view with the "First Take" audience, from his office as executive director of the dZi Foundation based in Ridgway, Colo. 

The Yoga Mat

Dr. Desiré Anastasia, a professor at MSU Denver's Sociology and Criminology department, joined First Take with Lando and Chavis to talk about her work bringing the spiritual practice of yoga to underserved populations such as inmates and veterans as part of her work with the Give Back Yoga Foundation