First Take

Rocky Mountain PBS Shows
1:25 pm
Thu November 20, 2014

Colorado Experience: The Smaldones

Colorado Experience examines one of the lesser-known chapters in American organized crime: the story of the Smaldones, an Italian-American crime family that operated out of Denver.  Producer Michael Dondero joined "First Take with Lando and Chavis" with insight on the documentary.

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Eats & Beats
2:20 pm
Wed November 19, 2014

Grateful Bread: baking artistry

The amazing, ancient art of making bread is preserved by a modern wave of artisanal bakers like Jeff Cleary, a master chef who left the restaurant and hotel business to serve those same establishments from his Golden, Colorado bakery, Grateful Bread.  Cleary visited "First Take with Lando and Chavis, with an armload of fresh bread.

First, to answer the question of why bakers begin their day so early: "Anyplace that does pastries is trying to get the morning crowd, and it's got to be fresh."

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Jazz on Film
2:24 pm
Wed November 5, 2014

Jazz on Film: A Brother with Perfect Timing

“If what I grew up with in South Africa is world music, I don’t know what it means. Perhaps it is to identify it as folklore. But what makes it separate? Satchmo said, ‘All music is folk music: I never heard a horse sing.’ The only criterion I have is whether it moves you.”

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2:29 pm
Mon October 20, 2014

"'Round Midnight"- Stories of Standards

Originally written in 1944 by pianist Thelonious Monk,'Round Midnight is the most recorded jazz standard composed by a jazz musician. Since then, jazz artists Cootie Williams, Dizzy Gillespie, Art Pepper, and Miles Davis have further embellished the song, with songwriter Bernie Hanighen adding lyrics. Both Williams and Hanighen have received co-credits for their contributions.

Tune in to First Take with Chavis and Lando for Stories of Standards to hear our favorite versions of this song all week long! 

Eats & Beats
2:05 pm
Fri October 17, 2014

North Denver's fish farm: Colorado Aquaponics


That tasty tilapia plate before you might have come from a fishery tucked away right in north Denver's Elyria-Swansea neighborhood (once considered a "food desert").  Tawnya Sawyer is director of Education for Colorado Aquaponics at the Grow Haus, 4751 York Street, Denver CO 80216.  She visited "First Take with Lando and Chavis" to describe their operation.

"It's the combination of growing fish in a recirculating system, and putting water to work (growing plants)," explained Sawyer.  "We get the best of both."

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