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XicanIndie Film Fest XV
2:06 pm
Sat March 29, 2014

Denver: Center of the XicanIndie Film World!!

This week, Denver, Colorado is the center of the XicanIndie Film World. From April 3-6, one of Denver's cultural mainstays, Su Teatro Cultural and Performing Arts Center, hosts the  16th annual XicanIndie Film Fest.

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Theatre Review
1:20 pm
Fri March 28, 2014

A happiness that morning is: Bows drama review


This month, KUVO drama critic Bob Bows reviews The Catamounts production of There is a Happiness that Morning Is at The Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder.  The final production is Sunday, March 30.

From Bob's review: "In this regional premiere, the playwright, Mickle Maher, wows us with his own erudite and clever poesy, as well as an eyebrow-raising story that takes Blake at his word, conjuring up circumstances and a backstory that leaves us breathless."

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End of the Rainbow
4:35 pm
Thu March 27, 2014

"End of the Rainbow" at Arvada Center

Tari Kelly as Judy Garland

Tune in Friday afternoon at 4:30 when Erik Troe interviews Tari Kelly, the actress portraying Judy Garland in the Arvada Center's current production, "End of the Rainbow." The show runs through April 15.

About the show: It’s December 1968 and Judy Garland - with her signature cocktail of talent, tenacity and razor-sharp wit - is poised to make a triumphant comeback... or maybe not. Featuring many of her most memorable songs, this bio-drama with music will leave audiences with a tragically poignant insight to the star's final days.

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Jazz on Film
9:53 am
Wed March 26, 2014

Good Night And Good Luck - Truth, Justice and Jazz


The film looks at Edward R. Murrow and his confrontation with Senator Joe McCarthy, who was famous for his public claims to know who in elected office and in the public eye were communists and commie-sympathizers.  Set in the late 1950s, this was a time of great concern over the rise of the Soviet Union and Communist China. It was also the start of television news and Murrow was (and probably still is) the gold standard for what role a news organization could play in the public dialogue of the issues of the day.

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XicanIndie Film Fest
5:15 pm
Fri March 21, 2014

XicanIndie Film Fest XVI coming April 3-6

Su Teatro will present XicanIndie Film Fest XVI (XIFF16) April 3-6, a four day festival dedicated to Latino World Cinema and featuring the best in film screenings, performances, receptions, parties, awards and panels with visiting filmmakers. Complete festival details may be viewed at the Su Teatro website. All events will take place at Su Teatro Cultural and Performing Arts Center, 721 Santa Fe Dr. Denver, CO 80204.

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